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Based on a recent post I saw I wanted to add some information and knowledge…People pay for things they see value in and this is with respect to vendors providing a variety of services and clients seeking services – some choose to pay $300 for a Louis Vuitton t-shirt and someone else could choose to pay $30 for a Gap t-shirt

Some people do, however, expect the world, not knowing what things cost or what goes into an event with the years of experience and the results that are proven by reviews, website, reputation, referrals etc. 

There are those who may post here in the group seeking professional services for one of the most important days of their lives, but asking with $1000 budget for a photographer or a DJ, not realizing that hours of post edit work or pre-event work that are involved from an experienced event pro. 

Some come expecting the world and wanting to pay as little as possible, but you can’t get a Benz for a Hyundai price. So you do get what you pay for (with no insult to any potential clients) … Just think of what is important to you….

Coming from an entertainer like myself, think about what spending 10% of your budget on what 100% of your event could be… 

Your guests will remember 3 things:

The Venue

The Food

and the Good Time that they had or didn’t have…

The entertainment, DJ, band or musicians will create those moments that your photographer and videographer can capture. 

Without a good time, happy moments won’t be seen in a picture or on a video…The entertainment creates those moments where your guests are full of smiles with hands in the air, so yes, the entertainment and music is a big portion of your event.  If it is NOT important to you then you might just have a dinner party, but you still need some sort of ambience like a curated playlist of a vibe setting DJ with experience or a live musician. 

No one is going to remember what color flowers you had or the silk ribbons on your chairs, no one will remember or care how much you spent on invitations….they WILL remember the great time they had at your celebration!

So if anyone wants to discuss how I can help you curate an amazing event from inception to design and execution that has gotten us 5-star reviews,  do not hesitate to reach out to Constant Entertainment and request a good time to chat with me directly here:

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